25 Creative DIY Storage Ideas to Organize Kids’ Room

Children’s rooms are typically smaller than a master bedroom but have to serve as a playroom, place to sleep, study area and a room to hang out in with friends. They are usually a mess of broken toys, working toys, clothing, storybooks and miscellaneous odds and ends. As your children grow, they inherit even more items and secondhand toys and lack the room to store everything. It is very necessary and advisable for you to create some functional and inexpensive storage solutions for your kid’s room.

Organizing the kids’ rooms can be such a time-consuming task and needs more patience, especially when your kids have more toys than you have storage space.

Creative DIY Storage Ideas to Organize Kids' Room!
kids room storage

Here we have collected a list of creative DIY storage ideas to organize kids’ room for your inspiration. For example, mason jars or recycled tin cans can be used to store crayons, scissors and little toys. DIY wood shelves are perfect for the storage of books. Crates to the wall are used to store shoes. Hanging bags or nets are for wrangling stuffed animals. There are tons of creative ideas for kid’s room storage in this collection from books to baby dolls and stuffed animals to clothing, which are sure to help you to get those kids’ rooms tidy once and for all. Let’s get started and get those playrooms and bedrooms organized.

Crate Shelving

Crate Shelving.
1 kids room storage

Cute Animal Storage Jars

Cute Animal Storage Jars.
2 kids room storage

Painted Laundry Rack Clothing Storage

Painted Laundry Rack Clothing Storage.
3 kids room storage

Wardrobe Upgrade

Wardrobe Upgrade.
4 kids room storage

Shelves for Unlikely Toy Lineups

Shelves for Unlikely Toy Lineups.
5 kids room storage

Bins as the Toy Storage

Bins as the Toy Storage.
6 kids room storage

Wall-mounted Desk

Wall mounted Desk.
7 kids room storage

Bench Seat Between Two Bookshelves for Seating and Storage

Bench Seat Between Two Bookshelves for Seating and Storage.
8 kids room storage

Cloud Shelves

Cloud Shelves.
9 kids room storage

Nail Painted Crates to the Wall

Nail Painted Crates to the Wall.
10 kids room storage

Storage in Every Nook and Cranny

Storage in Every Nook and Cranny.
11 kids room storage

Bungee Cord DIY

Bungee Cord DIY.
12 kids room storage

DIY Clear Toy Storage Bags

DIY Clear Toy Storage Bags. You can the turorial
13 kids room storage

You can the turorial here.

DIY Storage Lockers for Kids

DIY Storage Lockers for Kids .
14 kids room storage

Styled Crates

Styled Crates.
15 kids room storage

Tool Chest Storage

Tool Chest Storage.
16 kids room storage

The Openning Closet

The Openning Closet.
17 kids room storage

Label Drawers With Chalk

Label Drawers With Chalk.
18 kids room storage

Rolling Cart Craft Storage

Rolling Cart Craft Storage.
19 kids room storage

Magnet Board Cans

Magnet Board Cans.
20 kids room storage

Hanging Net for Wrangling Stuffed Animals

Hanging Net for Wrangling Stuffed Animals.
21 kids room storage

Quick and Easy Book Storage

Quick and Easy Book Storage.
22 kids room storage

Decorating With Plywood

Decorating With Plywood.
23 kids room storage

Matchbox Car Garage

Matchbox Car Garage.
24 kids room storage

Paint Can Kid’s Desk Storage

Paint Can Kid’s Desk Storage.
25 kids room storage

Kids’ Artwork Showcasing Solution

Kids' Artwork Showcasing Solution.
26 kids room storage

A great way to allow kids to showcase their work without the messy tape it up look. More instructions here

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