Stylish DIY Pumpkin Crafts for Thanksgiving Decoration

Pumpkins feature rich fall tones of orange and deep red. They are our go-to decor ideas during the fall season and will add a festive touch to any room, backyards, porch or garden. People often make various pumpkins crafts out of everything for their home decor. Pumpkin crafts really make great Thanksgiving centerpieces or decorations to display both in and out of the home.

Stylish DIY Pumpkin Crafts for Thanksgiving Decoration.
pumpkin craft ideas

Here we have collected tons of pumpkin inspired crafts for your inspiration. From tissue paper pumpkin lanterns to pumpkin flower pots, these Thanksgiving decorations offer a great alternative to jack-o-lanterns. Cut, sew, and glue your way through our easy pumpkin craft ideas to celebrate Halloween, or display them throughout the entire Autumn season.

Pumpkin Candle Holders

Pumpkin Candle Holders.
1 pumpkin craft ideas

A beautiful addition to your fall decor with these little pumpkin candle holders. Get the tutorial via Revel Blog.

DIY Pumpkin Flower Pot

DIY Pumpkin Flower Pot.
2 pumpkin craft ideas

Make great Thanksgiving centerpieces or decorations to display both in and out of the home. Tutorial via I Heart Nap Time.

Fence Board Pumpkin Welcome Sign

Fence Board Pumpkin Welcome Sign.
3 pumpkin craft ideas

A great way to bring in fall colors and images without taking up too much space. Get the tutorial via hometalk.

Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins

Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins.
4 pumpkin craft ideas

The cutest little pumpkins I have seen! Crazy easy to make too. Tutorial via a night owl blog.

Homemade Paper Pumpkin Lanterns

Homemade Paper Pumpkin Lanterns.
5 pumpkin craft ideas

Make an ordinary paper lantern and dress it up with leaves, a stem, and tendrils. Bring autumn beauty indoor with this easy paper pumpkin lantern. Get the tutorial via marthastewart.

DIY Porch Wood Pumpkins

DIY Porch Wood Pumpkins.
6 pumpkin craft ideas

Get the tutorial via hazel and ruby.

Wine Cork Pumpkin

Wine Cork Pumpkin.
7 pumpkin craft ideas

An adorable table decoration to celebrate fall! Super easy and quick to make! Tutorial via My Gourmet Connection.

DIY Rustic Pumpkin Stand

DIY Rustic Pumpkin Stand.
8 pumpkin craft ideas

Love this adorable fall project? Super easy to make! Check out the step-by-step tutorial via 365 days of pinterest.

Easy Pumpkin Krispies Treats

Easy Pumpkin Krispies Treats.
9 pumpkin craft ideas

Super fun and easy Thanksgiving treat to make with your kids! Get the recipes and tutorial via Yummy Healthy Easy.

DIY Pumpkin Mason Jars

DIY Pumpkin Mason Jars.
10 pumpkin craft ideas

Paint a Mason jar and top it with a faux stem for a “pumpkin” you can display every year. Get the tutorial at The 36th Avenue.

DIY Dryer Vent Pumpkins

DIY Dryer Vent Pumpkins.
11 pumpkin craft ideas

Use dryer vents to make decorated pumpkins. This unexpected material turns ot to be pretty fantastic. See the tutorial via curbly.

DIY Pumpkin Lanterns

DIY Pumpkin Lanterns.
12 pumpkin craft ideas

Made with fine tissue paper! The flame shines through the paper and the Pumpkin glows in the dark! Get the tutorial via Orangen Mond.

Edible Pumpkin Candy Chocolate Cups

Edible Pumpkin Candy Chocolate Cups.
13 pumpkin craft ideas

Super cute and easy Halloween idea! Great for Thanksgiving crafts to make with your kids. See the tutorial via ohnuts.

Popsicle Stick Pumpkins

Popsicle Stick Pumpkins.
14 pumpkin craft ideas

Easy, quick and fun to make! You can have the kids help with this fun fall craft. Get the tutorial at Hanging By a Silver Lining.

DIY Pumpkin Lantern

DIY Pumpkin Lantern.
15 pumpkin craft ideas

Drill a pumpkin as any shape as you like. These would also make a great holiday centerpiece. See the tutorial via Crafty Nest.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins

DIY Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins.
16 pumpkin craft ideas

Craft a rustic pumpkin with scrap wood for a rustic, country-inspired style. Check out the tutorial via Finding Home Farms.

Front Door Fake Pumpkin Decor

Front Door Fake Pumpkin Decor.
17 pumpkin craft ideas

Dollar store pumpkins cut in half and decorated. Your neighbors will be envious with this clever front door decor! See more via Smart School House.

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