Stylish She Shed Ideas for Every Woman

While bachelor pad interior design are popular for many years, it’s hard to find a woman’s alternative to a man cave. She sheds are cozy little havens meant for the sole purpose of relaxation and some me-time. Whether built from scratch, or renovated from an old garden shed, these tiny little spaces exude a charming feminine appeal that is comforting to look at after a stressful day of work.

For building a she shed, there so are many ideas to choose from. Here, we share with you some of the most beautiful versions of She sheds, that will inspire you to build one of your own:

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Fairytale She Shed

Fairytale She Shed.
1 she shed ideas

This colorful and attractive she shed like this works great as a romantic corner. Here, you can enjoy a cozy candlelight dinner or sip some coffee while reading a book on a lazy weekend. via diynetwork.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink.
3 she shed ideas

This pretty pink she shed is ideal for the career woman who loves to get in touch with her feminine side at the end of a tiring day at work. Surrounded by foliage and flowers, this quiet little getaway offers you everything you need to rejuvenate in leisure. via source.

Paradise in Your Backyard

Paradise in Your Backyard.
4 she shed ideas

Tucked away in the lap of Mother nature, this she shed makes for a perfect place to escape the hustle bustle of daily life and enjoy the sights and sounds of the world outside. The small little fence enhances the level of privacy, while the beautiful green color complements the outdoor foliage. via hometalk.

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A Farm in a Shed

A Farm in a Shed.
6 she shed ideas

This typical she shed is one that combines elements of modern decor with an ancient charm. Done up in white paint and lots of wooden detailing, this elegant she shed offers an great view of nature. The interesting rooftop, the lace curtains and the old steps make it look like straight out of a fairytale. via source.

Flamboyance At Its Best

Flamboyance At Its Best.
7 she shed ideas

Everything about this she shed is flamboyant, right from the brazen blue furniture and the spectacular wall art, to the stylish chandelier. After all, every woman loves a den that reflects her boldness and taste.

Floral Fun in a Private Paradise

Floral Fun in a Private Paradise.
20 she shed ideas

The modern woman is an eclectic mix of glamor and simplicity, and there is no better representation of her qualities than this colorful little she shed. While its focus may be the floral boxes bordering the side, the white walls and smart windows do add to the sombre appeal. This private and functional den is all you need to get in touch with your inner self after work.

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A Gorgeous Getaway in The Greens

A Gorgeous Getaway in The Greens.
22 she shed ideas

Nestled among greenery, this tree house style she shed is the perfect garden escape for inhaling some fresh air and engaging in your favorite hobbies. The bamboo fences form a striking contrast with the colorful foliage, while the wooden exterior makes it look just so natural. With a she shed like this, you wouldn’t mind spending more time here than in your home!

She Shed On Beach

She Shed On Beach.
25 she shed ideas

This white painted she shed looks delicate against a background of beach. With the doors closed and curtains drawn, this den is a great place to relax with a cup of tea. However, with the doors thrown open and a chair or two sprawled outdoors, the shed seems like the ideal spot to host a book club meeting or a small brunch. via source.

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Cute Pink

Cute Pink.
26 she shed ideas

With the tiled roof forming a striking display of light and dark colors, this pink hideaway brings a cozy and happy presence to the backyard. The warm pastel shades on the exterior and the garden blooms make it perfect to unwind with girlfriends or host a tea party on a lazy summer afternoon.

Small folly style cottage shed beside a lake

Small folly style cottage shed beside a lake.
34 she shed ideas

While the white walls make it stand out against the dark backdrop of trees, the blue door creates a snazzy vibe. With a lake aside, this she shed is perfect for engaging in some fishing time.

A Heaven in The Garden

A Heaven in The Garden.
35 she shed ideas

This vintage-styled cottage shed sits prettily amidst plants and grass. It provides a quiet spot to revel in leisure. The beadboard ceiling, the white painted furniture, as well as the comfy pillows give the den a truly cozy ambiance. All in all, this she shed is ideal for enjoying both indoor and outdoor activities at the same time. via lauratrevey.

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A Green Gingerbread Home

A Green Gingerbread Home.
36 she shed ideas

This beautiful she shed in white and green looks welcoming with its vintage-style patio and flower boxes thrown here and there to jazz up the otherwise monotonous colors. The porch forms the perfect seat to soak up the summer sun or enjoy the raindrops without getting drenched. via source.

Sweet Cottage Shed

Sweet Cottage Shed.
43 she shed ideas

A baby pink exterior teamed with a detailed door and the cute cartoon character outside, gives this she shed the appearance of a life-sized dollhouse. It’s a great spot to daydream away or spend the Easter with nothing but your soft toys and memories.

Bright Color She Shed

Bright Color She Shed.
47 she shed ideas

From the outside, this she shed looks more like a small house than a backyard retreat with the patio seating and the detailed decor. The interesting assortment of colors make for a cheery mood and the extra space on the balcony is like the icing on the cake! via bhg.

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A Tiny Home in Wood & Stone

A Tiny Home in Wood & Stone.
48 she shed ideas

This spacious she shed looks every bit a gingerbread house with its cobbled path, planters and patio seating. The beautiful contrast of stone and lush greenery makes this den both peaceful and creatively inspiring. This spot seems perfect to paint or write a romantic novel.

Vintage Shabby Pink She Shed

Vintage Shabby Pink She Shed.
57 she shed ideas

A tiny den decorated in baby pink and soft furnishings is exactly what a working woman needs after a harrowing day at work. Anchored on both sides by rows of flower bushes, this she shed prefers to keep it simple yet functional. source.

A Simple Yet Stylish Springtime Retreat

A Simple Yet Stylish Springtime Retreat.
67 she shed ideas

As a spacious relaxation area and a gardening shed, this picturesque she shed in earthy colors is ideal for anyone with a green thumb. The adorable set of chair and table set enhances the curb appeal while the elaborate windows help to create an irresistible aura of elegance.

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A Gigantic Doll House

A Gigantic Doll House.
68 she shed ideas

This dainty little den flaunts a cheery feel with its glass chandelier, pretty furniture and floral decor. This is an ideal place to have a cozy tea party with a friend, or use it as a studio to work up some delightful pieces of art. Just throw in some of your soft toys and you’ve got a cute and clean playhouse of your own!

Traditional Style

Traditional Style.
69 she shed ideas

A lovely country-style cottage shed is a unique place to accommodate your guests. The classic tiled roof and the elegant door pattern exudes a traditional charm that is tough to resist. With ample space, modern amenities, and a patch of greenery all around, this little shed undoubtedly fits the definition of a “second home”. via thepottedboxwood.

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A Home Away from Home

A Home Away from Home.
70 she shed ideas

This gorgeous she shed in black paint is perfect for anyone who wishes to forget the world and enjoy some privacy. While the interiors seem more like a refurbished bedroom, you can always convert it into a reading room or a yoga room. source.

The Perfect Art Studio

The Perfect Art Studio.
71 she shed ideas

This purple Disney-style cottage shed sits prettily among flowers. The beautiful interplay of colors, paired with interesting decors makes this shed perfect as an art studio. source.

A Secluded Sleeping Area

A Secluded Sleeping Area.
76 she shed ideas

This cozy little she shed is perfect for anyone who loves to sleep outdoors in the middle of the buzzing butterflies and swaying trees. The feminine furnishings and the cool white interiors make it a shady spot to enjoy the garden in peace. source.

The Writer’s Retreat

The Writer's Retreat.
78 she shed ideas

A colorful she shed is all you need to get your creative juices flowing on a dull Summer day. While the bright flower tubs are hard to miss, the door and windows take away all the points for their unique design and details. via joyfulpaws.

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Ramshackle Turned Retreat.
31 33 she shed ideas

This chic little sanctuary nestled in sunlight-drenched space and gorgeous backyard gardens just takes leisure to a whole new level altogether. The tempered glass roof, airy windows and paneled doors make it look spacious enough to host a tea party for three. A cozy seating arrangement on the patio adds to the charm. via countryliving.

A Dreamy Den to De-stress

A Dreamy Den to De stress.
83 she shed ideas

If napping is your idea of relaxation, then this she shed is surely meant for you. The transparent structure and the flower tubs give it a welcoming feel, while the comfortable bed tucked away as the sole piece of furniture is just what every stay-at-home mom needs after a stressful day. via bhg.

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An Upscale Getaway

An Upscale Getaway.
84 she shed ideas

Has your idea of a she shed always been that of a vintage-style spacious cottage? Do you love to relax in luxury? Well, then this she shed here may just be the thing for you. The cobbled patio, the cane furniture and the chalk white doors and windows all exude an upscale vibe that’s ideal for the classy woman. via chachanova.

Backyard Kids’ Playroom Shed

Backyard Kids' Playroom Shed.
85 she shed ideas

What better way to pamper your kids than by gifting them with a secluded play area of their own? You could decorate this shed with a colorful outdoor rug, set up a cute bookshelf for toy storage or place a tiny table and chairs to provide a workspace for art. Painted in chalk white, this she shed, with its brick red door and blue roof is far from boring. via hgtv.

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