Easy and Budget Friendly DIY Gifts

With the Holiday Season coming, many people are probably thinking about gift ideas. This time around, don’t settle for store-bought gifts. Make your friends or family feel special by giving them a DIY gift.

Check out this list of easy and budget friendly DIY gifts. Even if it’s something as simple as a photo coaster, key hook, or making a DIY candle holder, they would be happy to receive one because of the time, effort, and love you spent on these gifts.

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Easy and Budget Friendly DIY Gifts.
diy gifts

DIY Photo Coasters

DIY Photo Coasters.
1 diy gifts

Take someone’s favorite photos and make these personalized photo coasters. They could make unique and inexpensive gifts. Tutorial via popsugar

DIY Picture Printing Tutorial

DIY Picture Printing Tutorial.
2 diy gifts

First you draw on a TISSUE PAPER, then cut out your design, and place it on to your candle. Next, you take a piece of wax paper that is larger than your candle. Pull it tight around your candle, and use your heat gun to melt your design into the candle. Moving the heat gun in a back and forth motion for about 30-40 seconds. Once you have heated the entire design you gently peel back your wax paper and make sure the entire design is adhered to the candle. If not just repeat with the wax paper and heat gun. This is quick and easy to create. And fit for any design you can think of. How cute! source. Cut-Rite Wax Paper was used in this project, and you cant get it from Amazon.

DIY Wooden Cutting Board

DIY Wooden Cutting Board.
3 diy gifts

Super easy, super cute DIY wooden cutting board idea! Get the tutorial via allthingswithpurpose

DIY Hand Stamped Washer Necklaces

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DIY Hand Stamped Washer Necklaces.
4 diy gifts

A tutorial for making washer necklaces. These make great wedding favors or holiday gifts! Tutorial via the36thavenue

DIY Easy Bird House Key Hooks

DIY Easy Bird House Key Hooks.
5 diy gifts

These beautiful bird house key hooks are made out of inexpensive wooden birdhouses and washi tapes. And they are great hand made gift for Christmas. Tutorial via toriejayne

DIY Mosaic Ornaments from CDs

DIY Mosaic Ornaments from CDs.
6 diy gifts

Take some old CDs and make these sparkly new mosaic ornaments! Fun and crative! Tutorial via cremedelacraft

DIY Mini Pool Table

DIY Mini Pool Table.
7 diy gifts

This is a great gift for dad, boyfriend or teenage boys. Learn how to make yourself viaconsumercrafts

DIY Altoid Tin Prayer Box

DIY Altoid Tin Prayer Box.
8 diy gifts

Altoid tin turned into a prayer box which you can write your worries or prayers down and put them in! This would make a cute secret sister gift! Tutorial via travelersdream2012

DIY Dandelion Paperweight

DIY Dandelion Paperweight.
9 diy gifts

Preserve a dandelion in resin then you can carry your wishes around with you. This can also mae perfect gift that’s so easy to create. Tutorial via makezine

Easy DIY Abstract Art

Easy DIY Abstract Art.
10 diy gifts

Easy step-by-step instructions on how to create your own abstract art in blues, white and gold. And this would be amazing gift for anyone! Tutorial via lollyjane

Sew Pajama Pants with Tutorial and Pattern

Sew Pajama Pants with Tutorial and Pattern.
11 diy gifts

The best gifts are that be made with your own two hands and useful! You can sew these cute pajama pants for the whole family for holiday gifts. Tutorial via mellysews

DIY Jewelry Tray

DIY Jewelry Tray.
12 diy gifts

This is so easy to make you won’t even believe it! Check out the tutorial on how to turn a cheap tray into an expensive looking gift via stylemepretty

Homemade 3-Ingredient Rose Petal Sugar Scrub

Homemade 3 Ingredient Rose Petal Sugar Scrub.
13 diy gifts

These are easy to make and going to be a wonderful gift for your girlfriends. Tutorial via happinessishomemade

DIY Photo Candle Holder

DIY Photo Candle Holder.
14 diy gifts

Buy inexpensive candle holders from the dollar store or craft store, and reprint some of your friends’ photos in black and white to put inside. They would make unique and fun gifts. Tutorial via thevintagepearl

DIY Photo Collage Letters Gift

DIY Photo Collage Letters Gift.
15 diy gifts

Make this gift for your best friend. Just need to print their pictures on paper and mod podge them on a cardboard letter. Tutorial via sparkleandshinesami

A Secret Stash Book

A Secret Keep Sake Box Made from an Old Book.
16 diy gifts

Buy old, thick books and turn it into a secret keep sake box – so creative! Get the tutorial from missvickyviola

DIY Grown-Up Hot Cocoa Kit

DIY Grown Up Hot Cocoa Kit.
17 diy gifts

Hot Cocoa + Baileys = Bliss! What a great gift idea! via good-n-you

Candy Bar Wrapped with Money Gift

Candy Bar Wrapped with Money Gift.
18 diy gifts

Receiving money gift can always make someone happy. Also it’s super easy to give money when you don’t know what the recipient wants. Via simplyjstudio

DIY Photo Block Gift

DIY Photo Block Gift.
19 diy gifts

Photo gifts are alsways loved by people. You can make these easy photo block gift for perfect holiday gifts. Tutorial via shanty-2-chic

DIY Stone Trivet Gift

DIY Stone Trivet Gift.
20 diy gifts

Tutorial via diygiftworld

123 Eyes On Me Mason Jar Gift for Teacher

123 Eyes On Me Mason Jar Gift for Teacher.
21 diy gifts

Via blitsy

Kitchen Themed Gifts

Kitchen Themed Gifts.
22 diy gifts

Start by picking a theme, like this cooking or baking kit, and add a variety of items to create a lovely set of kitchen utensils. Via familyholiday

DIY Tile Coaster Gifts

DIY Tile Coaster Gifts.
5 22 diy gifts

Make beautiful coasters from inexpensive tile and scrapbook paper. They are great Christmas gifts for your guests. Get the tutorial via boxycolonial

DIY Heating Pad

DIY Heating Pad.
4 22 diy gifts

This is an easy sewing project and useful gift for holidays. Get the tutorial via aliceandlois
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