Dog Training Tips For Beginners

Having a pet dog is really a great thing. You can play with the pet and have a fun time with him. But you have to keep certain things in mind. Giving proper training to your pet dog is very important. Here are some tips for you to train your dog, which will surely enhance the bond between you and can be a lot of fun.

Set A Private Den

DIY Wooden Dog Bed.
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via ruggydiy. It is very important to set a comfortable and private room for your dog. It will be his very own home where he will take rest and sleep. You need to train him properly and make it a habit for him so that he goes to his den and sleep. You can DIY the den and make it look attractive enough for him.

Keep A Name And Call By That

You need to keep a name of your pet dog which will be his identity. Call him always by that name and make sure he responds to his name. Teach him to come when you call by the name. Do not forget to praise him when he does that. Say “Good boy!” when he does it as this will encourage him.

Discourage Biting And Nipping

How to Train a Puppy Not to Bite.
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via wikihow. This is a very bad habit. You need to stop them from biting and discourage him. Instead of scolding make sure you act like you are in great pain. This will surprise him and he will likely to stop after this. If it doesn’t work then make sure you divert his mind with a toy bone and tell him to play with that.

Reward Him For Good Behavior

If he is behaving properly and nicely, then reward him. Not always appreciation works! Use some toys and treats to praise him for his good behavior. Pets love appreciation and affection. This will encourage him a lot to behave properly and nicely all the time.

Train Him To Jump And Run

Train Your Dog To Jump And Run.
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via deviantart. You need to help your pet dog to learn how to jump and run. This will help them understand where to run and go. You need to stop the jump ups too that they usually do in greetings. If he does so, ignore his behavior and pay no attention at all.

Keep It Tame

Do not encourage rough or aggressive behavior of the puppies. This will lead them to being rough. So, keep them tame and discourage all kind of aggressive and rough behavior by the puppy.

Decide Some Rules

You have to decide some rules for your puppy and make him follow those. You need to ensure that he is following them and encourage them to abide by the rules all the time. If he fails then discourage him and correct him properly.

Give Him Time Knowledge

It is very important to give time knowledge to your dog. This will help him to do all the works on time. He needs to play in the evening and sleep at night. Also, feed him from time to time to make sure that he has a good sense of time.

Do Not Encourage Tantrums

Puppies are likely to show a lot of tantrums when it comes to giving attention. At night, when one it is the sleeping time he may bark and show tantrums to get attention. Do not pay attention or encourage it. After sometime he will sleep alone. In few days, it will become a habit for him.

End With A Positive Note

Whenever you are playing with the puppy or training him, make sure that you are ending it with a positive note. Give him a treat for a good and successful training session. This will encourage him.

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