Creative DIY Gift Tag Ideas & Tutorials

Adding a gift tag is an inexpensive and easy way to personalize your gifts for Christmas, birthdays, baby shower and other special occasions and showcase your creativity. It is ideal for anyone who wants to add a customized touch and personal preference to their gift-giving experience.

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Creative DIY Gift Tag Ideas & Tutorials!
gift tag ideas

Today we’d like to bring you some creative ideas for gift tags without breaking your bank. These beautiful and unique gift tags are sure to offer the perfect finishing touch to your holiday gifts this year and are all handmade and very easy and quick to recreate. Just take a few minutes out of your busy day to create one for a special holiday present that no one will never forget.

DIY Santa Gift Tags Using Soda Can Tabs

DIY Santa Gift Tags Using Soda Can Tabs.
1 gift tag ideas

Washi Tape Gift Tags

Washi Tape Gift Tags.
2 gift tag ideas

Stitched Mitten Gift Tags

Stitched Mitten Gift Tags.
3 gift tag ideas

Snowman Gift Tag DIY

Snowman Gift Tag DIY.
4 gift tag ideas

Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

Cinnamon Dough Ornaments.
5 gift tag ideas

Gift Tags in Spanish

Gift Tags in Spanish.
6 gift tag ideas

Lovely Gift Tags

Lovely Gift Tags.
7 gift tag ideas

Color Block Gift Tags

Color Block Gift Tags.
8 gift tag ideas

Chalkboard Doily Gift Topper

Chalkboard Doily Gift Topper.
9 gift tag ideas

Reusable Chalkboard Gift Tags

Reusable Chalkboard Gift Tags.
10 gift tag ideas

Classy Gift Tags

Classy Gift Tags.
11 gift tag ideas

Candy Gift Tags

Candy Gift Tags.
12 gift tag ideas

Paint Chip Gift Tags

Paint Chip Gift Tags.
13 gift tag ideas

Watercolor Christmas Motif Tags

Watercolor Christmas Motif Tags.
14 gift tag ideas

Cute Christmas Gift Tags

Cute Christmas Gift Tags.
15 gift tag ideas

Christmas Gift Tags With Free Cut File

Christmas Gift Tags With Free Cut File.
16 gift tag ideas

Foil Baking Cup Toppers

Foil Baking Cup Toppers.
17 gift tag ideas

Brightly-Colored Gift Tags

Brightly Colored Gift Tags.
18 gift tag ideas

Gift Tags with Matching Plaid Pouch

Gift Tags with Matching Plaid Pouch.
19 gift tag ideas

Paper Trees with Star Anise and Twine

Paper Trees with Star Anise and Twine.
20 gift tag ideas

Fabric Scrap Gift Tags

Fabric Scrap Gift Tags.
21 gift tag ideas

Felt Heart Gift Tags

Felt Heart Gift Tags.
22 gift tag ideas

Potato Stamp Gift Tags

Potato Stamp Gift Tags.
23 gift tag ideas

DIY Colour-Burst Gift Tags

DIY Colour Burst Gift Tags.
24 gift tag ideas

Salt Dough Gift Tags

Salt Dough Gift Tags.
25 gift tag ideas

Christmas Tags for Dark Paper

Christmas Tags for Dark Paper.
26 gift tag ideas

Jumbo Gift Tag

Jumbo Gift Tag.
27 gift tag ideas

Classic Christmas Tags

Classic Christmas Tags.
28 gift tag ideas

DIY Fabric Gift Tags

DIY Fabric Gift Tags.
29 gift tag ideas

Scrap Paper Ornament Gift Tags

Scrap Paper Ornament Gift Tags.
30 gift tag ideas

Button Ornaments Gift Tags

Button Ornaments Gift Tags.
31 gift tag ideas

Nautical-Themed Gift Tags

Nautical Themed Gift Tags.
32 gift tag ideas

Sweater Knit Gift Tags

Sweater Knit Gift Tags.
33 gift tag ideas

Hama Bead Gift Tags

Hama Bead Gift Tags.
34 gift tag ideas

Confetti Tags

Confetti Tags.
35 gift tag ideas

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