20+ Creative Ways to Use Kitchen Utensils

Do you have many extra kitchen utensils that you simply don’t use anymore, like silver or plastic spoons, forks and knives? Don’t just throw them away, you can still use them in creative ways and turn them into some creative pieces with a few tools and a little creativity.

Creative Ways to Use Kitchen Utensils!
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Recycling and repurposing these old pieces of utensils into crafts gives them a new life which can be so much fun and chic! Here we have collected several creative and unique ideas on how to turn junk silver like silver spoon and forks into or DIY home decor items! These utensil crafts include Some old silver spoons are turned to fantastic and amazing homemade gifts such as charm bracelets, rings, wind chime, a cutlery IPhone Stand and other personal adornments. Some are cleverly upgraded to functional and decorative items like spoon hooks, a sunburst mirror, DIY silverware lamp and DIY utensil clock and more. Let’s head over to these incredible old utensils upcycle ideas and get more inspiration.

Unique Fork Ring

Unique Fork Ring.
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Jewelry Tree Made from Spoons and Forks

Jewelry Tree Made from Spoons and Forks.
2 kitchen utensil uses

Key Hangers Transferred from Old Spoons and Forks

Key Hangers Transferred from Old Spoons and Forks. Follow the tutorial
3 kitchen utensil uses

Follow the tutorial here.

Bent Fork Necklace Organizer

Bent Fork Necklace Organizer.
4 kitchen utensil uses

Cutlery IPhone Stand

Cutlery IPhone Stand. Two spoons and three forks to hold up your cellular.
5 kitchen utensil uses

Two spoons and three forks to hold up your cellular. source

Sunburst Mirror Made With Old Kitchen Utensils

Sunburst Mirror Made With Old Kitchen Utensils. See the tutorial
6 kitchen utensil uses

See the tutorial here.

Spoon Head as Nicknacks Storage

Spoon Head as Nicknacks Storage.
7 kitchen utensil uses

DIY Silverware Lamp

DIY Silverware Lamp. Read more about it
8 kitchen utensil uses

Read more about it here.

Decorative Wind Chime

Decorative Wind Chime.
9 kitchen utensil uses

DIY Fork Photo Display

DIY Fork Photo Display.
10 kitchen utensil uses

Fork & Spoon Door Pulls

Fork & Spoon Door Pulls.
11 kitchen utensil uses

Rustic Spoon Pendant

Rustic Spoon Pendant.
12 kitchen utensil uses

DIY Utensil Clock

DIY Utensil Clock.
13 kitchen utensil uses

Plastic Spoon Vase

Plastic Spoon Vase.
14 kitchen utensil uses

Recycled Spoon Christmas Decoration

Recycled Spoon Christmas Decoration.
15 kitchen utensil uses

Hanging Jars & Spoon Hangers

Hanging Jars & Spoon Hangers.
16 kitchen utensil uses

Crossed Spoons Plate Stand

Crossed Spoons Plate Stand.
17 kitchen utensil uses

Flatware Lighting Creations

Flatware Lighting Creations.
18 kitchen utensil uses

Silverware Flowers

Silverware Flowers.
19 kitchen utensil uses

Truly Unique Silverware Chandelier

Truly Unique Silverware Chandelier.
20 kitchen utensil uses

Funky Fork Bracelet for Ladies

Funky Fork Bracelet for Ladies. Check out the video tutorial
21 kitchen utensil uses

Check out the video tutorial here.